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A couple of images of Gorilla Grodd - Painted.....  WOW
Thanks to Tender Heart Bear over on SHFF



Latest Q&A answers

1. There is a tremendous amount of excitement and enthusiasm over the final release of the collection. There have also been mixed reports about the intial run. Is the initial run 60 or 80 figures and have all of the figures been confirmed for the initial run? Would it be possible to have the listing on confirmed characters? The list would be listed alphabetical order and not projected run or der like we did with the marvel collection and the info could be useful in setting up polls for unconfirmed figures.

Should be 80. Running order might change...below are the confirmed characters so far.

2. How will the collection address DC characters in other 'universes'. Would we be seeing Wildstorm, Vertigo, Elseworld, Milestone, Impact characters and how would you handle characters that cross over between the different lines (Swamp Thing, Shade the Changing Man, Animal Man, Doom Patrol)?

Unfortunately we can't do Vertigo or Wildstorm characters. Including Swamp Thing. At least for now.

3. Since the collection is now released in the UK, how quickly do you intend to roll out internationally (US, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy)?

Should be out in the US by now (I think) and I'm fairly sure about South Africa's about now.

4. You've already been kind enough to tell us about two of the specials (Darkseid and Doomsday), are there any others being considered and have any variants been discussed?

Batman on a bike (which is very cool) Ant-Monitor (alla galactus), Killer Croc

5. The DC subscription gift of the Batman rooftop figurine has called some confusion by being called 'super-sized'. Is it to the same scale as the other figures in the series, like the Spider-Man rooftop figure was when compared to the other marvel figs, or is it actually a larger scale?

Same as Spider-Man

6. With the DC collection, would you consider doing any super-size specials like Galactus and if so which characters are being discussed?

Yup and we are. Outside of Anti-Monitor, it'd be cool if you guys could have a vote or chat about who you want as a Super-size special... this is really where you can make a difference to what we're planning at the moment.

7. Can we expect to see any fold out posters/menues of the grouping of heroes/villians, like we did with the Marvel collection? And what are the major families that will be addressed?

Tried that for issue one but the characters weren't really connecte d. What we do have, starting issue 10, is the complete history of the DC universe. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask... I've attached an early, uneditted version.

user posted image
user posted image

8. How closely is Eaglemoss working with DC on this collection? Is it similar to the relationship with Marvel where they need to approve a specific version of a character and have they made any specific requests to the collection?

We're working amazingly closelyt with DC, They're been really helpful every step of the way and coming up with some great suggestions. The batman cowl in Bane's hands for example came from DC and I think makes the figure.

9. We've noticed that there are some changes in the magazine format. Was there a reason behind removing the character bio and power stats on the first page and the comic values on the last? What prompted the change?

Just some thing's we couldn't do for a variety of reasons.

10. The CMFC is debating on whether to do a two-pack (with Cloak and Dagger being the obvious first choice). Will the DC collection wait to see how the CMFC does with two packs or will the DC collection be willing to venture into doing two packs regardless (Hawk and Dove, Thunder and Lightning etc...)

No plans for two-packs yet but might be down the line...

Say, how would you like to see Lex AND Two Face!

Have a cool weekend!


Straight from Alan Cowsill at Eaglemoss......THANKS AL

Eaglemoss DC Figurine Collection

Images and latest news


Below are images sent to us of the previews.....

keep scrolling down to see more and also links to the Eaglemoss website.



Issue 1 Batman

Issue 2 Superman

Issue 3 The Joker

Issue 4 Green Lantern

Issue 5 The Flash

Issue 6 Robin

Issue 7 Green Arrow

Issue 8 Wonder Woman

Issue 9 Catwoman

Issue 10 Ras Al G'hul

Issue 11 Lex Luther

Issue 12 Twoface

Issue 13 Scarecrow

Issue 14 Supergirl

Issue 15 Shazam


And these are the images of the first 12.....


and you can get this stunning


figurine as a subscriber-only special.